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Managing time and keeping track of attendance can be tedious

TAMS to the rescue!

Let us make your life easier with our comprehensive and integrated time and attendance management system.

BQuTAMS is the new generation solution for managing time and attendance. With BQuTAMS, you will be able to capture, manage and analyse the most valuable resource to your organisation - time.

How it Works

Company Admin

  • Track system issues, activity stream,employee calendar and online devices
  • Manage company details, users and their roles, devices and locations
  • Report and alert system issues

Also includes:
  • Registration application
  • Attendance capturing application
  • Mobile application

HR Manager

  • Leave management
    • Overview of monthly leave calendar
    • Approve / reject leave requests
  • Time management
    • Monitor hours logged by employees with billable/ non billable tags according to project/employee,
    • Can be displayed in project overview, detail view of project and time matrix view
    • Maintain and manage detail view of projects and out of office hours
    • Edit or delete projects
    • Export attendance details of employees
  • Employee management
    • Manage workforce database
    • View individual employee details
    • Allocate employees into departments
  • Event management
    • View event calendar in daily, weekly & monthly interfaces
    • Notify employees about events
    • Display company holidays


  • View summary of to-do-list and events
  • Access employee calendar, leave history, out of office hours and notices
  • Add Timesheet, create / assign tasks
  • Manage employee profile

Student Registrar

  • Student management
    • Manage student information
    • View attendance & absence summary
    • Categorise students
    • Manage sessions
  • Course Management
    • Add / remove faculties, courses, qualifications, modules, lecturers
  • Compliance Management
    • Monitor student absence
  • Timetabling
    • View timetables in weekly, monthly, lecturer view
    • Administer student notification / announcements


  • Access attendance summary, absence summary and action summary
  • Timetable and announcements
  • Manage student profile

Super Admin

  • Monitor and manage all TAMS users
  • View list of companies using TAMS and status of all issue
  • View and manage users and their roles per company
  • Backup databases



BQuTAMS brings simplicity into your business with a cost-effective, all-in-one solution.A new generation tool to make time and attendance management easy than ever!


Cloud-based - Access app from anywhere

  • Data is securely stored with our cloud servers
  • Secured and verified by Norton Symantec

Cross platform compatibility

  • Multiple devices - one application
  • Supports any browser

Multiple input methods

  • WebTAMS
  • Manual attendance input with excel
  • Input options - fingerprint, Smart card, NFC, QR, RFID

Easily integrated with third party systems

  • Timetabling system - Canvas
  • JIRA
  • Connect with any app through TAMS API


  • Tailor-made to suit your colour theme
  • Customised reports
  • New features development on request

Fast and easy user support through :

  • Knowledge base
  • Forum
  • Support hotline
  • Email
  • Submit a ticket
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